January 3, 2016
ATF Sequin Varsity Jacket
I had to bring some shine to Sin City

ATF 3.1 Phillip Lim Ryder Satchel, JBRAND Distressed Jeans & TopShop Boots
ATF Clubmaster Ray-Bans
ATF Sequin Varsity Sweatshirt
lotus sequin sweatshirt | clubmaster ray-ban | jbrand jeans |
topshop boots | 3.1 phillip lim ryder satchel
When in Vegas… over-do it and dress in sequins & shine. Really, to me this is one of the only places in the world that you can wear these two details all year round, because you’re constantly surrounded by flashing, neon bright lights. These photos were taken on the Las Vegas strip (who would have thought?) & I felt like I blended in perfectly amongst the street walkers and psychedelic marquees. I absolutely love this sweatshirt and had to have it for my trip – thanks to Lotus Boutique in Charlotte, NC {buy now} for hanging this at the very front of your rack at the Girl Tribe Pop-Up Shop event a few weekends back – This goes back to my theory in the first paragraph of my basics post… {read here}. I hope everyone has a fabulous year in 2016!



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