July 18, 2016
A2F Dania's 27 Birthday

Another year older.

I love birthdays.  I love them not because of what they are, but rather what we do for ourselves and for others when one comes around.  There are not many days of the year where people take time out of their lives to celebrate themselves, and I believe that birthdays are the perfect excuse to do that.

Having a birthday in July is pretty difficult.  Growing up I was always the one with the uncelebrated birthday during the school year while all of my friends were able to bring cupcakes to share with their classmates on their special day.  As I got older, traveling became more frequent in my life, as my family and I were always out of the country once July 18th rolled around.  

But in the off chance that I was around family and friends, I always planned a dinner or attended an event to signify another year older.  This year, I spent time having conversations.  I spent time with a couple close friends and enjoyed the sun.  I saw Improv comedy and played real-life games with my husband.  I ate. A lot. (Some things don’t change…) and I played cards.  And I was happy.  I always wondered if I would be able to identify the exact moment when birthdays go from a big loud event to a quiet appreciated day, and I think 27 is that year for me.

To another year of fabulous!

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