October 31, 2016
A2F Skeleton Group

“If you can’t get rid of the skeletons in your closet, may as well take them out to dance.”

Halloween at our house is all about creativity.  It’s the one holiday out of the year where we can pretend to be someone else, and not care what other people think about it. After going to Oz last weekend, we decided to dress up as something similar to last year’s party animals. We went for simple black and black outfits and spent a couple of hours on our faces.  We were able to transform our faces into skeleton beings for just one night, and we loved every part of it.

Happy Halloween!

A2F Skeleton Dania
A2F Skeleton DaniaA2F Skeleton Dania
A2F Skeleton Aya
A2F Skeleton Aya A2F Skeleton Aya
A2F Skeleton Gabby
A2F Skeleton Gabby A2F Skeleton Gabby

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