August 10, 2017 By Aya Alshafei / Photography Zack Khammash & Emily Snead
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My escapade for the summer was spent at a familiar place. 

T H E  I S L A N D S  O F  T U R K S  A N D  C A I C O S

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All summer, I’ve been watching my friends and family jet set to different tropical locations, while the most excitement in my life has been no traffic on the way to work Monday through Friday. So when my family approached me about traveling to Turks and Caicos again, I knew I couldn’t pass up a week spent in paradise… and the most successful trips are always the impromptu ones, right?

I’m extremely blessed to have said that I visited these immaculate islands twice in the same year, and through these photos you’ll be able to see why there was zero hesitation when the opportunity presented itself for me to pack my bags and take the 2.5 hour flight to this majestic place once again. This time I was extremely excited to experience TCI for the first time in the summer season (I previously visited during winter) and as expected, the temperatures were higher – meaning the possibilities of achieving that sun kissed glow would seem effortless. From the crystal clear waters that change hues as the tides heighten to the crisp sunshine delivered daily, this trip was by far one of my favorites.


W H E R E  I  S T A Y E D

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The Moroccan-inspired villa that is La Koubba was where we called home for the week. I instantly fell in love with this 8,000 square foot beauty, where the landscape gardens were romantic and lush and the stoned pathways offered a sort of rusticity that you can only find in ancient cities. The decor in every room of this mansion exuded eclectic inspiration from all parts of the world, so I instantly got lost in imagination wandering into the seven bedrooms tucked into this exquisite home. The best part of it all? The breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean just a skip away revealed at the back of the house. 

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A2F TCI La Koubba VillaA2F Aya Wandering La Koubba VillaA2F Aya at La Koubba Villa Front DoorA2F La Koubba VillaA2F Turks and Caicos Pool at La Koubba VillaA2F Overlooking Balcony
A2F Backyard Scene Turks and CaicosA2F Turks and CaicosA2F Aya on CoveA2F Turks and Caicos Snails and ShellsA2F Aya French BraidsA2F Turks and Caicos ViewA2F Aya Reading Book in HammockA2F Turks and Caicos TreeA2F Turks and Caicos Coconuts
A2F Turks and Caicos Coconuts
A2F Turks and Caicos CoconutsA2F Aya In the Palm TreesA2F Turks and Caicos Coconut Tree

P L A C E S  T O  G O

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A2F Turks and Caicos ShellsA2F Turks and Caicos Shells
A2F Las Brisas PoolA2F Las Brisas Restaurant
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T H I N G S  T O  D O

Although tanning is one of my favorite past times, there are so many fun water-related activities you can engage in while on the islands. While jet skiing is a tourist-favorite, snorkeling throughout the coves is a real treat because you can see yourself swimming among the colorful fish through the clear waters. You’ll win big fishing the low and hide tides, and taking advantage of the trial and errors of paddleboarding is a must. Or, grab a buddy and slip into a canoe to catch the waves and cool scenes of the Atlantic.Line Divider

A2F Aya on Jet SkiA2F Water CovesA2F Aya in Water CovesA2F Turks and Caicos CanoeingA2F Aya Paddleboarding
A2F Aya LemLem Look FullA2F Aya LemLem LookA2F Turks and Caicos Beach Essentials
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S H O P   M Y   (A N D   S I M I L A R)   L O O K S   

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