September 18, 2017 By Dania Alshafei / Photography Alia Bostaji Photography

We are one week(ish) away from meeting you and we cannot believe how fast the time has flown by.  It seems like just yesterday we were comparing your size to a little raisin, and now we are prepping our house for your arrival. Everyone is so excited to meet you. For months we have been feeling you through all of your early morning kicks and black and white ultra sounds… and now we can’t seem to bring ourselves to the reality that we will be able to hold you in our arms very soon.  

Your dad is over the moon. He always talks about how excited he is and how he hopes that you recognize his voice after all the times he’s talked to my tummy. I will say that we still haven’t made a final decision on what your name will be, but we are hoping that the minute we are able to look at you that we will know.

So much will change in this next week.  You will be the little miracle that will make me a mom, and for me, that is still so hard to believe. If there’s one thing you’ll learn about your mom it’s that I have a hard time with change… even with the good ones.  You can ask your grandma and grandpa how much I cried when we moved out of our first house or when I had to leave Columbia to go to Charleston for school. Thankfully we have people like your dad in this world who not only welcome change, but help those of us who may be a little scared.  I’m a little scared. I don’t have a doubt in my mind that I will love you more than anyone on this Earth, but it’s frightening to think that someone will depend on me for something whole heartedly. I’m a little nervous and beyond excited all at the same time.

It’s just a waiting game now. I’m not sure if you will come early or late, but what I do know is that no matter when you decide to show up, it will be the best day of our life.

I love you more than words,



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