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Always Two Fabulous is the creation of Middle Eastern sisters, Dania and Aya Alshafei.

While blogging separately since 2008, Always Two Fabulous was created in 2016 as an attempt to merge together and document all things fabulous including fashion, lifestyle, and travel.  Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Dania and Aya have adventured through many parts of the world with an inspiring eye and passion for spreading inspiration. 

While both sisters share an admiration for international clothing and make-up brands, they prefer a more local atmosphere when it comes to food.  This has allowed them to develop an authentic palette true to their locations, and provides them with the passion to search for fresh restaurants and local eats when traveling.  

Both sisters have also developed their own senses of style and interests. Dania prefers a more classic and timeless influence, while Aya has a keen eye for the edgy and modern trends.  Maintaining careers in both lifestyle psychology and fashion merchandising, Always Two Fabulous  has given them the opportunity to recognize and record all the fabulous things in life.

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